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PIXEL is a creative studio that specializes in visualizing unbuilt architecture, interior, landscape and details. The studio works in conjunction with designers in order to perfectly deliver their vision, atmosphere, lighting quality as well as interaction with context.


PIXEL was founded in 2012 by architect Rasem Kamal with the ultimate aim of going beyond high quality 3d renderings into portraying artistic architectural photography which the human eye can feel and smoothly connect with.    

Rasem Kamal is an architect, visual artist and Fulbright fellow holding a MArch degree from the Rice School of Architecture. He was honored the AIA Henry Adams Certificate in 2015 and several prestigious architectural awards. Kamal is currently working at the Basel studio of Oppenheim Architecture. Prior to that, he worked at several regional and international architectural firms such as SOM

inSan Francisco, WW Architecture in Houston Symbiosis Designs

in Amman and AS.Architecture-Studio in Paris.

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